Deadly Helicopter Crash in Siberia

A helicopter carrying 25 passengers and three crew members crashed in northeastern Russia on Tuesday, killing 19 people.

There were 11 children under the age of twelve on board, including three infants. It's not clear yet how many of the children survived.

The Mil Mi-8 helicopter was reportedly on a routine passenger flight in the Siberian republic of Yakutia when it came hurtling down and hit the side of a mountain, around 40 miles from the village of Deputatsky.

Police told a Russian news agency that "the helicopter was literally pressed into the slope of the hill by strong, descending air currents."

Rescue teams have been sent to the scene in helicopters and more rescuers have been sent from the eastern city of Khabarovsk in an emergency ministry jet.

According to the AP, "Russia has a dismal record of aviation safety, mostly blamed on poor safety standards and an aging fleet."