#JeSuisParis Trends On Social Media In Response To Attacks, In Chilling Reminder Of #JeSuisCharlie

A series of violent attacks erupted in Paris on Friday night, with death tolls estimated at 60 people by midnight there. On social media, the hashtag #JeSuisParis was populating social media in response to the attacks, in a chilling reminder of the #JeSuisCharlie response to the deadly shootings at the Charlie Hebdo offices in January. "Je suis" means "I am" in French.

#JeSuisCharlie was a slogan created by French art director Joachim Roncin in response to the January attacks, which killed 11 people and injured another 11, and were enacted by self-identified Islamic terrorists in protest of the satirical magazine's liberal views. Of the slogan, Roncin said, "I made this image because I am at a loss for words." Parisians and those watching the situation unfold are surely at a loss for words tonight.

"Je suis" has since been used to express support for various other incidences of terrorism, in France and elsewhere, in the months since the Charlie Hebdo attack. #JeSuisAhmed expressed support for a police officer killed during that same attack, #JeSuisHypercacher was in response to a hostage attack at a Kosher supermarket soon thereafter, and #JeSuisJuif, which means "I am Jewish," came out in response to various attacks against Jewish people in France. Muslim people responded to the latter with"Je suis Muslim."

After Roncin's first use of the slogan 10 months ago, we can only hope there will be few events that call for it in the future.