5 Celebrity Beauty Looks To Inspire Your Weekend

It's FINALLY Friday. If you're anything like me, the only thing on your mind right now is curling up in bed and binge-watching episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker while eating a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (that's normal, right?). Sometimes you're just so exhausted by Friday that you don't feel like doing anything (except eating donuts — that's a constant); you just need that extra oomph of inspiration to jumpstart your weekend.

So, voilà! Five celebrity Instagram pics of beauty looks to inspire you for the weekend.

Image: Getty

Beyoncé's Natural Lip Color

Beyoncé can do no wrong… so it’s safe to say that whatever beauty tips we take from her will be correct. Find a simple, sheer lip color that’s one or two shades brighter than your natural lip color for a light look that highlights your features.

Image: beyonce/Instagram

Kendall Jenner's Simple Makeup

Kendall is glowing in this photo. I mean, literally glowing (oh, the magical power of Instagram filters). Filters or not, you can try to emulate this beauty look this weekend by utilizing some simple makeup and finding the perfect highlighter for you.

Image: kendalljenner/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens' Smoky Eye

If I’m ever feeling unattractive, there are a few things I always do to change my mood. Such activities include wearing formal dresses around my apartment for no reason, dancing to explicit rap music while not wearing pants, and, finally, perfecting my smoky eye makeup. It’s hard not to love the glamorous, sexy feeling of a smoky eye. This weekend try out a classic smoky eye, but switch things up and add an extra-heavy liquid liner à la Vanessa.

Image: vanessahudgens/Instagram

Alexa Chung's Tousled Hair

Alexa Chung recently debuted a bold new hair color via Instagram. Try out Alexa’s super-chic version of bed head this weekend with some tousled waves. And if you’re feeling particularly badass, use some temporary color in your hair too.

Image: chungalexa/Instagram

Gisele Bundchen's Vintage-Inspired Waves

Channel some old Hollywood glam and style your hair with a deep side part and big waves like Gisele. Although you probably won’t be hanging out with Jimmy Fallon this weekend, this hairstyle would be perfect for a nice dinner out or, well, just about any other occasion (including, but not limited to, eating donuts and watching Millionaire Matchmaker).

Image: giseleofficial/Instagram