What To Wear When Traveling To Colder Weather

Lucky enough to live in a warm climate? You're pretty much going to be number one on my hate list as soon as the dreaded New York winter hits. But even those of you who live in warm climates are probably traveling during the holidays, and some of your destinations may be experiencing wintry weather. So what do you wear when you're traveling to colder weather? I'm going to fill you in.

Since moving to New York a few months ago, I've been racking up frequent flier miles like it's my job. From my go-to carry-on essentials to my favorite beauty products to travel with, I have my packing routine down to a science. One travel trick that always trips me up is traveling between climates. No matter how hard I try, I overdress traveling to warmer climates and underdress traveling to colder ones.

After shivering my way through a taxi line at LaGuardia a few weeks ago, I decided it was finally time to nail down a perfect traveling outfit for when I'm going from a warm climate to a cool one. The key? Layers, layers, layers. Here's exactly what to wear to ensure you'll never be too hot or cold.

1. Comfortable jeans

ASOS Premium Skinny Jeans, $63, Asos

Jeans are pretty much the only item of clothing that work equally well in warm and cool climates. It's key to pick a pair that won't be uncomfortable after sitting on a plane for a few hours. You might think leggings would be a more logical choice (I initially did), but normal leggings would be too light in a cool climate, and fleece-lined ones would be too hot in a warm one.

2. Ankle Boots (And Socks)

Steve Madden Jodpher Booties, $77, Jet

Crew Socks, $6, Target

One thing I've learned in my frequent recent travels is that airports (and planes) are pretty germy places. You definitely don't want to be barefoot in an airport, so pick a chic pair of ankle boots that are easy to slip on and off. Don't forget the socks to keep your toes toasty later.

3. Lightweight Short-Sleeved Shirt

Everlane Cotton V, $15, Everlane

Pick out a comfortable shirt in a breathable fabric. It'll be cool in warm weather, but you can add multiple layers when you reach your destination.

4. A Sweater For Your Bag

Open-Front Cardigan, $27, Old Navy

You definitely need to pack an extra sweater for when you reach your destination, and it'll also come in handy if the plane is cold.

5. A Big Scarf

Basic Soft Scarf, $10, Zara

Blanket scarves are pretty much my favorite travel accessory. They're lightweight enough to wear in warm weather, but they're also perfect for freezing planes and cold climates.

6. A Warm Coat

DKNY Utility Parka, $148, Nordstrom

You'll need a warm coat when you arrive at your destination, and it's best to pick a weather and wind-proof jacket that will be versatile no matter what weather is thrown at you.

7. Hat And Gloves

Four Buttons Beanie and Glove Set, $15, Blue Fly

Believe me, this is the one thing you don't want to forget. You obviously don't need to wear them until you arrive, but you'll thank yourself for putting them in your carryon when you reach your destination and it's snowing.

Travel is always going to be a little uncomfortable, but with this outfit, you'll be set to travel from a warm climate to a cold one.

Images: StockSnap/Pixabay, Courtesy of Brands