Hillary Clinton's Pearl Necklace

by April Siese

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton was joined by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley for the second Democratic debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The debate heavily touched upon foreign policy, a subject that Clinton is incredibly experienced in. Clinton has had a fascinating political career that was highlighted ever so slightly by not only her rhetoric but her accessories. She began engaging in acts of diplomacy while as a first lady, setting the course for her appointment as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton's pearl necklace is a bold throwback to that era and sends a strong message onstage.

Clinton's necklace has gotten attention from viewers for its style just as her articulate and thoughtful responses to important questions regarding combating terrorism, economic policy, and foreign affairs. No matter what pantsuit Clinton may be wearing or whether her pearl earrings complement her necklace, the primary focus of praise for the candidate has been her rhetoric and vast knowledge of issues abroad. Pearls have been a mainstay jewelry item for first ladies for decades, with the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama rocking pearls. All are strong, smart women who show that style and substance certainly aren't mutually exclusive. In between a few jokes about their heft, social media has gone wild over an impressive candidate with a sense of fashion.