Bernie Sanders Gets All The Awesome Cred For Quoting LL Cool J At The #DemDebate

The second Democratic debate had a whole lot of surprises and understandably so given its shift towards a primarily foreign policy-focused debate. Other pressing issues were touched upon, including the economy. Candidates repeatedly evoked Glass-Steagall and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton once again hinted at her comprehensive economic reform plan that would be even far more fortified than the Depression-era mandate. What proved to be a bit of accidental humor and, well, awesomeness was Bernie Sanders quoting LL Cool J at the #DemDebate.

Sanders was speaking about Seattle's decision to raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The Vermont Senator is a major proponent of equal pay that provides a livable income for all who enter the workforce. When describing the decision to steadily increase wages from $11 to $15, Sanders said that Seattle is "doing it, and doing it well." — basically the lead hook to LL Cool J's standout hit "Doin' It." Needless to say, people took notice and they loved it.

Whether it was mere coincidence or Sanders is just paying his dues to a fellow New Yorker, the lyric drop may get another rapper on the candidate's side. Already, Sanders has been endorsed by such big names as Killer Mike, Lil B, Big Boi, and Saul Williams. Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has seen an equally impressive roster of musicians sing her praise, including Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Ne-Yo. Clinton appears to have one hip-hop endorsement more than Sanders, so it only makes sense that he'd try to nab another.

The move not only paid off for the presidential hopeful but so did the entire debate. Bustle has pegged Sanders as the second Democratic debate winner for his impressive showing of foreign policy knowledge as well as his interactions with Clinton. Sanders repeatedly called out the former Secretary of State for her ties to Wall Street while highlighting his economic reform plans, which naturally included the aforementioned nod to LL Cool J. Don't call it a comeback, Bernie. We all know you've been here for years.