Photo Of Paris Attack Suspect Released By French Police As Manhunt Expands — PHOTO

French police on Sunday released a photo of the Paris attack suspect they are searching for, who has been identified as Salah Abdeslam, the Associated Press reported. The photo came attached to a "Wanted" notice, which urged people not to approach or intervene with the suspect, who is considered very dangerous. According to the AP, Abdeslam is a 26-year-old man who was born in Brussels, Belgium. A manhunt across Europe is currently underway.

Authorities have stated that there were likely eight attackers who coordinated via teams for the attacks that took place across several Paris arrondissements. Seven of the attackers have died — six by detonating suicide vests, and one during a shootout with police. According to BBC News, two of those attackers were from Belgium. The connection between Belgium, France, and ISIS is currently unclear, though France's interior minister claimed that investigations would likely show that the Paris attacks had been planned by a group of people who were based in Belgium and had the support of a few people based in France.

According to The Washington Post, Salah Abdeslam and his brother, Ibrahim, were both identified as attackers. A senior European intelligence official reportedly told the newspaper that one of the brothers was a suicide bomber, while the other "helped with logistics."