7 Warmest Jackets In The World That Won't Break The Bank — PHOTOS

Trying to find the perfect winter jacket that will keep you warm even when you know the temperature is going to dip well below freezing is no easy task. That's why I've decided to take a deep dive into the world of jacket retailers to find the warmest jackets in the world for winter. Yes, my friends, the warmest jackets on the entire planet are rounded up below!

Full disclosure: I'm choosing not to include what is truly considered "the warmest jacket in the world" in this list because it's over $1,000 dollars (you can snag the jacket online at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,275 dollars, to be exact). The Snow Mantra Parka from Canada Goose, a Toronto-based coat brand, is allegedly the warmest jacket money can buy. GearJunkie reported the jacket "has serviced polar expeditions and Mount Everest climbs for decades" and is "purportedly favored by researchers at the South Pole." While I'm all about staying warm, a knee length puff parka meant for temperatures down to minus-70 degrees F seems mildly like overkill for walking down Fifth Avenue.

Luckily, there are fabulous alternatives in a variety of price ranges for those of us not ready to drop a month of rent on this coat:

The Snow Mantra Parka

Canada Goose The Snow Mantra Parka, $1,200, Amazon

Yowza. Alright, now that you've seen it, time for the other more affordable warmest jackets in the world!

1. TurboDown Wave Heatzone 1000 Jacket

Columbia Women's TurboDown Wave Heatzone 1000 Jacket, $250-$450, Amazon

What Mens Journal dubbed the warmest jacket of 2015 thanks to its "TurboDown Wave that pairs two layers of high quality down separated by a layer of synthetic insulation [and is] lined with reflective material and sewn into wave-like offset baffles," the TurboDown Wave Heatzone 1000 is the warmest non-polar trekker jacket out there.

2. Brookvale Hooded Coat

Canada Brookvale Hooded Coat, $550, Nordstrom

For more than half the price of Canada Goose's crazy parka, you can get snag their Brookvale hooded coat which the brand promises will keep you nice and toasty in down to five degree F weather.

3. Winter Warmer Coat

Winter Warmer Coat, $104, LLbean

ABC News included LL Bean as a top pick winter jacket brand, and their "Winter Warmer Coat" is a consistently high-ranking favorite.

4. Ultrawarm Jacket

Ultrawarm Jacket, $179, LLBean

For a slight step up in heat from the Winter Warmer Coat, opt for LL Bean's stylish and functional Ultawarm Jacket with a faux fur trim.

5. Kitzbuhel Jacket

Marmot Women's Kitzbuhel Jacket, $125, Amazon

Practically begging to hit the slopes, this jacket from Marmot is not only wind resistant, but also features dynamic stretch fleece panels to hug you like a snuggie.

6. Fiona Parka

Fiona Parka, $260, Patagonia

While this parka from Patagonia is still pricy, its 600-fill-power duck down and elegant ruche design make it a worthy splurge.

7. Thermoball Hooded Parka

Thermoball Hooded Parka , $230, Amazon

One of The NorthFace's most popular parkas, the thermal hooded parka features a synthetic alternative to down so, unlike traditional down, it won't stop working if it gets wet. #Score

Images: Courtesy of Brands