What A Realistic Lesbian Movie Would Look Like

Imagine a world where every experience was equally represented in film, and you might find out what it would look like if lesbian movies were realistic. Let's say rom-coms with same-sex lead couples were commonplace, if you were to make them realistic as well, this is what BuzzFeed imagines it would look like. The video is both a commentary on how silly it is that we don't have same-sex couples widely represented in romantic movies, and how it can be hard to be a woman seeking a woman when society has some pretty warped conceptions of what that entails. Let's just say the main preoccupation of the people the protagonist meets is "girl-on-girl" rather than actual, sincere romance.

The video centers on a woman who is looking for love with another woman, but keeps coming up against a sea of straight girls, many of whom are either "experimenting" or looking for a threesome to have with their boyfriend. It highlights a sorry state where lesbianism is fetishized by straight people, and as a result diminished. You will feel the lead characters frustration with the world, and also giggle, because the faux trailer is just a pretty great parody of rom-coms in general. Here's a little look at the realistic lesbian romance movie...

1. Amy Is Looking For "The One"

2. But All The Women Are Straight

3. Or Weird

4. Online Dating Apps Offer Women Who Are "Experimenting"

5. Will Amy Meet "The One"?

Watch the full video below:

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