Man Cooks Apocalypse Emergency Food & It's Even Bleaker Than You Imagined — VIDEO

There are many among us who believe the apocalypse is imminent, so this chef cooking apocalypse emergency food is helping the rest of us understand what survival looks like. For the already prepared/preparing/survivalists, apocalypse food is well-tread territory. Emergency meals, or "Meals Ready to Eat" (MRE) are essential to apocalypse preparation, because once the zombies start swarming, it's not like we'll just be able to pop down to the bodega for a sandwich. Meanwhile, who knows what the conditions on earth might be? Maybe no plants will grow. Maybe all the animals will die. Then what will we eat? Greg Lauro, a chef from Brooklyn, is finding out.

In this video, Greg bravely prepares and eats apocalypse emergency food. The food comes in a giant bucket, and it's supposed to last you up to twenty years. Each food comes in powder form (there is some pasta too) and requires only water to make it edible, if you'd call it edible at all. Chef Greg is not impressed at all. He says the food "smells like a bathroom in a bar at the end of the night in a college time". The food, apparently, is the worst he's ever tasted in his life. The video, of course, comes with the disclaimer, "In one word: GROSS." Here are some of Greg's most pained expressions:

1. Eating Creamy Potato Soup

2. On The "Italian Marinara"

3. Sampling The Black Bean Burger

4. Eating The Creamy Stroganoff

5. Trying The Chocolate Pudding

Watch the entire video below:

Images: YouTube (6)