What To Wear To A Formal Work Party

Holiday parties are one of the best things about the season if you love fashion (sparkles! colors! ugly sweaters!), but dressing for your friend's party is a lot different (read: way more exciting) than dressing for a work party. When you're surrounded by your boss and colleagues, you're definitely going to have to dress much more conservative, but professional doesn't have to be synonymous with dull. If you're trying to decide what to wear to a formal work party, your options are more exciting than you think.

Rule number one: Just because it's an office party, does not mean you have to dress like you're at the office. You can skip the pantsuit/skirt suit/any variation on suit (unless you want to wear one! Suiting can be pretty chic, after all). You're at a party, of course, so you can definitely dress for one, just keep the skin-showing to a minimum and you should be good to go. But covering up a little bit more leaves you some more room to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, and accessories, so it can actually be pretty fun.

If you have a work party on the calendar, here are some ideas to help you party in (professional) style.

1. Mini Dress

Skater Dress, $81, ASOS

Mini dresses aren't off limits, but maybe pick one that's long-sleeved and wear a pair of opaque tights underneath.

2. Wrap Dress

Plus Size Wrap Dress, $36, ASOS

You can never go wrong with the classic silhouette.

3. Jumpsuit

Pleated High Neck Jumpsuit, $68, Topshop

Dress up an understated jumpsuit with a statement heel and clutch.

4. Pencil Skirt

Party Skirt, $128, J.Crew

You might wear pencil skirts to the office on the regs, but the lace on the bottom makes this one more party-ready.

5. Sheath Dress

Plus Size Lace Overlay Sheath, $188, Nordstrom

An LBD might be minimal, but you can make it more exciting with accessories.

6. Metallic Skirt

Midi Skirt, $128, J.Crew

Metallic is always festive, just keep the hemline a midi or longer.

7. Wide-Legged Pant

Wide-Leg Pant, $178, J.Crew

They're made of wool/flannel, so you'll definitely be warm if it's cold out!

Images: J.Crew; Nordstrom; ASOS; Topshop