Boy In Barbie Commercial Defies Gender Stereotypes

Sometimes, the world throws you a bone, and today it's this fierce little boy in the Barbie commercial. Of course, Barbie is a high fashion Barbie, bought to us by Moschino, and the little faux-hawked boy in question looks just like Jeremy Scott's mini-me. I love every campy second of this, and am currently standing ovation-ing at my desk for this blatant destruction of gender stereotypes. It might not seem that much of a stretch to you to have a boy playing with a Barbie in 2015, but for a lot of people who have not joined the Gender Is A Construct train yet, that's a revelation. (Although unfortunately Moschino Barbie is already sold out — such is the cycle of fashion.)

More than being simply about inclusiveness, this is about the fact that strictly gendered toys are becoming remnants. Boys, whether heterosexual or part of the LGBTQIA community, grow up to be fashion designers, clothes horses, artists, and take on a diverse range of roles which have, in the past, been considered a "woman's work". Meanwhile, little girls are growing up to be surgeons, golfers, and presidents, so we can't ignore the shift in gender paradigms. It's not enough to section women and men and their interests and roles anymore, and we need to be nurturing and accepting when children don't act the way we might have expected them to in the 1950s.

Back to the Moschino Barbie commercial — it's fabulous, and it's star is an absolute scene stealer. Check him out:

1. Serving A Formidable Neck Snap

2. Helping Barbie Screen Her Calls

And let's not forget his co-stars:

1. This Little Gal Who Just Can't Even With This Doll

2. This Little Babe Who Has The Brightest Smile I've Ever Seen

3. And Of Course, Moschino Barbie Herself

Watch the full Moschino Barbie commercial below:

Images: YouTube (6)