What Your Favorite Potato Dish Says About You

Thanksgiving is nearly here ,and you know what that means: one full day of eating until it feels like food is going to start leaking out of your belly button, followed by days of eating leftovers and napping. It's a good time of year. A staple of the season, obviously, is potato. Potato is great because it tastes like whatever you put on it, sort of like chicken of the vegetable world. So if you like rosemary and garlic, load it up and throw your potatoes in the oven. Or maybe you really, really like ketchup but it's not really socially acceptable to eat it off a spoon. Put it on a fry instead! You can really tell a lot about a person by the way they enjoy their potatoes.

For instance, I like potatoes every single way you can do potatoes, which should tell you that I'm rather ~loose~ when it comes to potatoes (or maybe just greedy AF). I am totally happy with both those distinctions — in fact, I'm proud to tell my potato flag fly and my gluttonous nature shine. I was born this way, after all. There's no potato-shaming here, as far as I'm concerned. Here's what your favorite way to eat potatoes says about you:

1. Mashed Potatoes

You're fun. And messy. Mashed potatoes are both fun and messy. You can pour gravy over them, leave them lumpy or whip them smooth with butter. There's something really chaotic but endearing about you, the same way there is with mashed potato. I bet you like KFC, or any other kind of fried chicken too, because obvs fried chicken + mashed potato = HEAVEN.

2. Sweet Potatoes

You have little kid mouth. You love all things sweet, and consider a meal just as nutritious even if it's smothered in marshmallows and brown sugar. You have a huge imagination, and are probably equal parts energetic and moody from all that sugar/sugar crashing.

3. Fries

You don't care about refinement, you just want things that make you happy, even if it seems uncouth to everyone else. All I can say is get it, girl. You're outdoorsy and a little rough around the edges, but also the kind of loyal friend people know they can count on when they need someone to make them feel better.

4. Scalloped

Oh you think you're fancy, don't you? You consider yourself a "foodie" and have probably, at least once, left a disgruntled Yelp review. Admit it. You have. You've also spent more than $200 on a pair of shoes.

5. Soup

You're a nurturer. You like warmth and snuggles and Saturday nights at home. You're all about comfort and are a natural carer.

6. Roasted

You're a classic. You listen to Taylor Swift a lot. You know what you like, and are pretty set in your ways. Your apartment is full of dark wood and smells like cinnamon.

Images: Pexels; Giphy (6)