These Anti-LEGO Slippers Could Save Lives

I spent my late teens and early twenties nursing foot wounds I incurred while babysitting for LEGO-loving children. So when I heard that LEGO is making anti-LEGO slippers, I was like, That's a great idea, too bad you didn't think of it sooner, LEGO.

For whatever reason, every LEGO hoarding child has a tendency to leave a trail of the sharp, plastic, pointed pieces wherever they go. Surely if you follow any breadcrumb trail of LEGOs you will find a child at the other end. (Also maybe an over-invested adult reliving their LEGO affinity through their child.) Each box of LEGOs comes with too many pieces, and there are just simply not enough storage solutions. So if you have a child, or enter a home that houses a child, you are bound to spend at least a few minutes hopping on one foot while you shriek and massage your other foot that has just made contact with a rouge LEGO.

Finally, LEGO has heard your cries. And they're sympathetic — well, their sympathy is limited. The anti-LEGO slippers were only made for a limited run of 1,500. Oh, and in order to win a chance to get these padded saviors, you'll need to fill out a Christmas list on the LEGO website, in France. So like, good luck with that.

The good news is however, you can get slippers elsewhere. The company was really making more of a cheeky suggestion than a universal solution.

Be brave, fellow LEGO stompers. Be brave.