How To Celebrate Thanksgiving Like 'The O.C.'

Well, folks, the holiday season is officially upon us, which means it's time to forego those diets and surround yourselves with the people you love most. (I personally plan on spending some long overdue quality time with my two BFFs, orange juice and champagne.) And, while I'm sure that you and your family have established many beloved traditions throughout the years, there is one way you could go about making this time of year even better: you can celebrate Turkey Day, O.C.-style! Let's face it, nobody knows how to celebrate Thanksgiving quite like The O.C. 's Cohen family. In fact, they've even been known to create their own holidays on occasion. (Chrismukkah, anyone?)

So, when it comes to all things Thanksgiving, clearly, this fam is the one we should all strive to emulate. But, how does one go about doing such a thing? Luckily for you, I have conducted an in-depth study of The O.C. (meaning I've re-watched this series more times than I can count) and know exactly what it takes to create a true Cohen-esque Thanksgiving that would even put a smile on Ryan Atwood's face. Forget about cook books, my friends. Here are all the ingredients you need to celebrate this holiday like the true Cohen that you are.

1. A Pinch Of Sarcasm

It's the best defense you have against your family's third degree about your modern day life choices. (Why yes, Nana, I'm still living in sin with my boyfriend. Can you please pass the stuffing?)

2. A Dollop Of Smear

You may have a lot of turkey to eat, but that's no excuse for not starting your day with a Sandy Cohen bagel smeared to perfection.

3. A Splash Of Holiday Decor

Kirsten may not be too helping in the kitchen, but when it comes to holiday decorating, her talents are unlike any other. With the right centerpiece and color scheme, your dining area can be just as stunning. And if you know where to look, it doesn't even have to cost you fortune.

4. A Dash Of Storytelling

After all, dinner topics can be just as important as the meal itself.

5. Three Scoops Of Enthusiasm

On this day, it's go big or go home.

6. A Handful Unexpected Visitors

After all, it wouldn't be a true Cohen event without a few surprise guests dropping in to keep things interesting.

7. A Drop Of Hospitality

Give or take a word of profanity or two.

8. A Sprinkle Of Family Bonding

If used properly, vast amounts of hugging may ensue.

9. A Captain Oats Cameo

You can buy a Captain Oats shirt for $24.25 on Zazzle. Or just dredge up some other type of childhood memento to help add to the holiday nostalgia.

10. A Spoonful Of Emotional Breakdowns

Every holiday comes with its fair share of drama and Thanksgiving is no different. Not even for the Cohens.

11. A Dab Of Awkwardness

This can come in the form of silence or word vomit. Either way, get ready to feel uncomfortable from time to time.

12. Lots & Lots Of Wine

In true Julie Cooper fashion, I plan on savoring every single drop.

13. And, Plenty Of Takeout Menus

You know, just in case the cooking preparations don't go exact according to plan.

Mix it all together and you'll be able to serve up a Thanksgiving we would all be thankful for. Cheers!

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