Pizza + Urban Outfitters = Perfection

How do you get hipsters to spend more time shopping? You offer them food, of course! Urban Outfitters will now sell in-store pizza, so you can now #TreatYoSelf while you're out, well, treating yourself. According to, Urban Outfitters purchased Pizzeria Ventri, as well as its parent company. As crazy as this new venture sounds, it actually sort of makes sense. According to Complex, the brand "hopes the new offerings will increase foot traffic and the amount of time shoppers spend in the store." This idea might actually be brilliant.

Although only select stores will be enticing customers inside with the cheesy treat, the company has previously dabbled in the arena of food service. Urban Outfitters previously opened an Intelligentsia coffee shop at its Herald Square location, as well as in-house restaurants and bars to attract customers. Pizza is an obvious next step, if you ask me.

"We think retailing needs to become more experiential," Urban Outfitters' chief development officer Dave Ziel told "I think there's a craving for real socialization beyond social media." If you ask me, all that I'm craving is pizza, but tomato-tomahto. Just make sure you wipe your fingers off before hitting the dressing rooms with those bodycon dresses and artfully distressed t-shirts.

Bustle has reached out to Urban Outfitters for comment on the company's new venture but did not hear back as of press time.

For those of you that aren't nearby a location that will be selling slices, no need to worry! Urban Outfitters offers a wide variety of pizza accessories to make your life complete. Because if you can eat it, you might as well wear it, right?

1. Graphic Tees

Pizza Research Speedy Tee, Urban Outfitters, $25

Share your love for pizza with a quirky graphic tee.

2. Socks

Pizza Socks, Urban Outfitters, $8

Rep your favorite food from your head to your toes.

3. Phone Cases

I Love Pizza iPhone Case, Urban Outfitters, $20

Cell phones go everywhere we do — and now your pizza can too.

4. Ornaments

Glitter Pizza Slice Ornament, Urban Outfitters, $12

You can now even stick pizza on your Christmas tree.

5. Minimalist Shirts

Save Earth Pizza Tee, Urban Outfitters, $20

You won't even have to tell people that you love pizza, they'll just know.

6. Hats

Coal The Vice Pizza Beanie, Urban Outfitters, $25

You can now warm up with your favorite food when the weather gets chilly.

7. Necklaces

Pepperoni Pizza Necklace, Urban Outfitters, $148

Made out of pure gold, as it should be.

No greasy fingers required!

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Images: Giphy (1), Urban Outfitters (7)