19 Memes All Book Lovers Will Understand

by Sadie Trombetta

Despite what you might think about book lovers and our distaste for all things digital, we are pretty Internet savvy. Just like everyone else, we enjoy social media, videos of baby animals, we especially like memes that all book-lovers understand. Yes, we enjoy a good, long read, but we also enjoy cleverly paired words and images that are just long (and bookish) enough to make us chuckle. Trust me, there are a lot of book-related memes out there, because really, what isn't there a meme for?

The Internet is a great place to get a good laugh. It's also a great place to lose hours of your life without realizing it, but does that really matter when those hours are spent chuckling at crazy things cats do, bizarre human behavior, and your exact feelings about something put into words and pictures? No, the Internet isn't just something for Kim Kardashian to break. It's an endless world of entertainment, even for those of us who prefer words printed on paper instead of on our computer screens.

Because we don't actually spend our entire lives with our noses stuck in a book — just most of it — here are 19 memes all book-lovers will appreciate. Yes, there is a place for everyone on the Internet.

1. Never, Ever Leaving the Bookstore

2. For the Lord of the Rings Readers

3. Because the Movie Is Never as Good as the Book

4. ... But Sometimes, They Try

5. Don't Pretend You Haven't Fished a Book in One Sitting


7. Challenge Accepted!

8. When Someone Asks to Borrow Your Book

9. It Happens to Everyone

10. The Late-Night Activities of Book-Lovers

11. Reading Is Exercise, Right?

12. Just One More Page...

13. Wouldn't We All Do It?

14. Because We've All Missed Our Stop on the Train...

15. As Mindy Lahiri Would Say, Exsqueeze Me?

16. Come On, You Know You've Done It

17. When You Go to the Library in Search of Something Specific

18. How Dare You...

19. And You Think Belle Had a Lot of Books

Image: Meme Generator; Tonya Cole, Madison Fogleman, Roseanna Diethelm, Chris B./Pinterest