Here's How To Get A Free Auntie Anne's Pretzel

Dear Santa, that sweet smell of cinnamon and baking bread calling you from mall kiosks around the world and sending the reindeer into a tizzy is coming from Auntie Anne's — purveyor of warm, soft pretzels and cold lemonade. Get a free Auntie Anne's pretzel by sharing a photo of yourself dressed in full Santa regalia on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #Snack4Santa, and bask in the delicious glory of the holidays.

Auntie Anne's seeks to give back to those who dedicate themselves to spreading holiday cheer. I can't think of a better place to give out free snacks to the head elf himself than in shopping malls! The promotion will run through Dec. 25, so, Santa, if you're reading this, make sure to get your selfie on soon so you won't miss out on your complimentary nosh.

And while Santa poses for the perfect pic, I'll also fill the rest of you in on Auntie Anne's limited time-only sugar plum lemonade mixer, available in all U.S. locations. For those of you who are curious, and because I had absolutely no idea, a sugar plum is an oval-shaped nut, seed, or spice, covered in hard candied-sugar, like a Jordan almond. So, if you're at the mall, grab yourself a sugar plum lemonade and a cinnamon pretzel to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Here are some Santa Selfies that you can use for inspiration. Remember, you can't just pop on a Santa hat and expect a free pretzel.

1. The Time Santa Was Kicking It With The Patriots Mascot

Go get yourself a pretzel, Santa!

2. The Time Santa Drank A Few Cups Of Eggnog In London

I think this is the perfect time for a pretzel.

3. The Time Santa Declared His Love For The Rebel Alliance

A pretzel and Star Wars on IMAX? Yes, please.

4. The Time Santa Saw Rudolph Peeing On A Fire Hydrant

You're gonna need a warm pretzel after this.

5. The Time Santa... Hey, What Are You Doing Here, Puppy?

Pretzels for puppies?! Maybe next year, little guy.

Image: Courtesy of Auntie Anne's