Prank Everyone At Friendsgiving With A Turkey Cake

Ever wish you could skip the meat and potatoes and go straight for dessert during the holidays? Canadian YouTuber Yolanda Gampp has read your mind and created a fun video explaining how to make a Thanksgiving turkey cake. In her series “How To Cake It” she works step by step through assembling her cake creations, baking faux cakes that after a little fondant and fudge look like anything from a brain, to a watermelon, to a pile of nachos.

In her Thanksgiving-themed episode she blew the roof off and made a very realistic roast turkey cake. Serving one of these cakes at dinner would be the ultimate Thanksgiving prank, and is sure to impress (and possibly confuse) your guests. The interior of the cake is a moist vanilla layer cake held together by vanilla buttercream, which is then blanketed in fondant. I’m no pro-baker, but it is a pretty advanced cake to make. Carefully carving the cake into the shape of a turkey took Gampp two and a half hours! She makes the wings out of fondant and the turkey leg bones out of modeling chocolate, and like magic, a turkey is born! Making this cake will probably take a few hours longer than roasting the old fashioned bird. But this sweet and surprising centerpiece will certainly make this holiday a memorable one! To make your own tasty turkey treat follow these steps:

Bake And Level Your Cakes

Hope you have a big oven because this recipe calls for four round cakes!

Frost And Assemble Your Cakes

Gampp uses Italian meringue buttercream. I don't think there would be any left for the cake if I made it.

Carve The Turkey Body

All you need is a picture of a turkey, a sharp knife, and a lot of patience.

Drape In Fondant And Shape

Fondant is a type of hard moldable icing, which to me defeats the purpose of icing.

Texture And Paint The Turkey

Food coloring gives this bird its just-out-of-the-oven roasted look.

Add The Stuffing

And voilà! A perfect Thanksgiving turkey cake! Almost too good to eat.

To get the full recipe watch the video here (gobble gobble):

Images: YouTube