SJP's New Character Looks Like Carrie, But Isn't

She's single, she lives in New York, but, no, Sarah Jessica Parker's new character is not Carrie Bradshaw. That note aside, HBO just shared the first look at Parker in her upcoming series Divorce, and seeing the actress on the streets of New York brings a certain nostalgia. While there are similarities to the new role and the famous fashionista, I encourage viewers to try to separate the two.

In the new show, Parker plays Frances, a newly divorced woman living in NYC, and she is the first person to declare how different the role is from Carrie Bradshaw. Parker told PEOPLE that fashion is "not playing a real role in [Frances'] life right now. Like when she wakes up in the morning, there are so many other things that are paramount in her mind. Number one is probably her children and the state of their welfare, and number two the state of her marriage and how she is going to cope with a really challenging new chapter in her life."

In the image, Parker is rocking a gorgeous dress patterned with the design of a skyline, as well as a pink coat. Her hair is styled in loose waves not unlike Carrie's signature 'do. You can check out the photo below.

I know that I've drawn multiple parallels to France and Carrie, but I'm excited to see Parker play a character that's completely different from her most well-known role. The actress grew so much in the past two decades that we owe it to her to try and approach the new show with fresh eyes. She graciously and frequently fields questions concerning the character and while Carrie Bradshaw has her place in pop culture history, I'm looking forward to seeing Parker shine in an entirely new light.