It's a Great Night to be an 'SNL' Alum

Well, I don't think anyone saw that coming. Tonight, not one but two Saturday Night Live alumni graced the Golden Globes stage and accepted the little sphere-topped gold trophy proving that they've got the chops. First, a stupefied Andy Samberg was announced as the winner of the Best Actor in a TV Series for his new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I don't think anyone was more shocked about his win than Samberg himself. Evidently in complete disbelief, he produced a very SNL-like acceptance speech given with a wide grin and a comically high pitched voice. In typical Samberg-shenanigans fashion, he had to assert that he wasn't being facetious and was in fact being sincere in his thanks for his cast, crew, and family.

In another amazing turn of events, Golden Globes host Amy Poehler FINALLY received a Golden Globe for her performance in the much-loved comedy series Parks & Recreation. Poehler, too, was dumbstruck and happily declared that the award was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise because, "I NEVER win!" (Well, now you do girlfriend.) This is indeed the first win for Poehler, who has been nominated two other times for Parks & Rec.

And the 2014 Golden Globes further established this as one of the greatest evenings SNL has ever had by bestowing Best Comedy TV Show upon Samberg's new show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. These wins prove that there's a whole wide world out there for SNL alums that is just ready for the taking.

Way to go, SNL. You rock.

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Image: Getty Images