Was That a Girl Scout Song, Diane Keaton?

Many interesting things happened during Sunday's 2014 Golden Globes. There was the costumes — er, outfits, the stuttering acceptance speeches, and then there was Jacqueline Bissett. (Sigh.) Woody Allen was honored at the 2014 Golden Globes on Sunday night, an award accepted by old time friend, Diane Keaton. Allen was noted for his many directing, producing, and writing credits, including Midnight in Paris, Match Point, To Rome With Love, Vicki Cristina Barcelona, and dozens more. Not only does Allen direct, produce and write his movies, he also stars in many of them. The Hollywood vet was unable to accept the award himself, so friend and long time collaborator, Keaton, accepted the award on his behalf.

Keaton spoke kindly of her 40-year-old friendship with Allen, and even began to sing a song. A girl scout song. No, really. At the end of her speech, Keaton began singing, "Make New Friends," a song about friendship being a circle, that's lyrics infamously go, "make new friends and keep the old." We don't exactly know what to make of the song choice, other than to note that alcohol is served in abundance at the Golden Globes.

And, of course, around the time Allen was receiving his award via Keaton, Allen's ex Mia Farrow tweeted:

We feel ya, Mia.

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