Gorgeous Photos Of Amazing Line Tattoos

Over the years, I've seen a few crazy line tattoos, a simple bold line randomly thrown on an arm, or even the occasional triangle tattoo, but it's only recently that I've started to wish for one as my very own. Even though these types of tats look simplistic, line tattoos are not easy for an artist to pull off well. Both the tattooer and the tattooee have to hold steady in order for the ink to come out as straight as you're probably hoping for. But once you've got that down, there are loads of line designs to choose from.

Over the summer, I fell in love three times and out of love twice (I blame the heat for misrepresenting lust as love to my brain that was clearly overloaded with vitamin D and summer cocktails). The final time I fell in love was for real, and it was with the work of a tattoo artist that was revealing some sick geometric tattoos via social media. Now, I'm officially obsessed with the simplicity of the designs, the variety of shapes, and the versatility of placement on the body. I've spend several hours in bed liking hundreds of line designs on Instagram, only taking breaks when my phone inevitably drops on my face.

Ready to get obsessed yourself? Here are just a few of my favorites for inspiration.

1. An Animal Living In Lines

My love of line tattoos only barely overshadows my love of animal tattoos. This tattoo reveals that line tattoos can be as interesting and original as you want it to be.

2. A Modern Day Arm Band

Welcome back armbands! This triple line around the arm is super dope and definitely a step up from the armbands of old.

3. Pulsar Map

I'm obsessed with pulsar map tattoos and this one is no exception. There's great detail in the lines and the placement is A+.

4. Feather Lines

Clearly, a feather can make for the perfect line tattoo.

5. Matching Lines

I'm very pro matching tattoos; even if the relationship doesn't last, the memories can be nice to look back on. This line tattoo is so great that I'm tempted to join in on the fun and get one myself.

6. Arrow

Arrows are another one of my fave tattoos, and particular version is a great idea for those desperately seeking direction on the perfect line tattoo idea.

7. Line Down Body

Starting with one of the sexiest tattoos I've seen, this line tattoo loops around the torso like it should've been a sexy birthmark.

8. Triangular Lines

Triangles represent the binding of spiritual and earthly realms in the occult, so I'm a big fan of this one.

9. Circular Lines

Speaking of shapes, these circle tattoos belong on this wrist. Love the multitude of lines and creativity behind this cool line tattoo.

10. Hand Lines

This line tattoo is simple and genius. I can't imagine the steady hand it took to tattoo within the thumb and index finger.

11. Hexagon Lines

These hexagons are matching to perfection. A hand-poked tattoo can definitely enhance your line tattoo experience with a bestie.

OK, who's coming with me to get matching line tats? I'll be here waiting.

Image: @catewebb/Instagram