Is It 'Zoolander 2' Or '2oolander'?

Children, settle down. There is no need for senseless fighting when we have a movie as utterly and deliciously ridiculous as the Zoolander sequel on the horizon. If you aren't quite sure what I am referring to, there is a civil war in the Zoolander fandom on whether or not the sequel is called Zoolander 2 or 2oolander . No, I'm not making this up. I couldn't be. I don't think anyone could have envisioned a social media war that is so wonderfully silly that it could literally be a subplot in the comedy itself. Though, you know, I wish I had for a spot on the writing team for 3oolander. Or would it be Zoolander 3?

Listen, I am all about peace. I hate fighting (though my siblings would probably disagree with me, but that's their problem), and the fact that lovers of comedy are up in arms over something as trivial as a title for a satirical movie makes my heart hurt and my head spin. So, I've done some research in order to give everyone a definitive answer. If everyone promises not to say, "I told you" so to spite one another, I'll let you in on the real title of the movie. Ready?

Whether you like it or not, dudes, the Zoolander sequel is, in fact, called Zoolander 2. 2oolanders, I agree that the supposed title was fantastic word play and an equally as nifty hashtag, but I don't make the rules. You know who does, though? Paramount, who produced the movie, and they officially list it as Zoolander 2 on their website. If you don't trust me and my sleuthing ways, you can check it out for yourself.

Need more evidence than the production company themselves calling the movie that? Well, iMDB lists it this way, as does the official Twitter account for the film. But, I can see where people got confused. The title graphic for Zoolander 2 that's even displayed on said Twitter account, does say "2oolander." And, they aren't alone in their confusion. Even Derek Zoolander himself had a hard time coming to terms with the title in the teaser below.

Sorry, 2oolanders, but The Zoolander 2 loyalists were victorious on this one.

Image: ParamountPictures/YouTube