Kate Middleton Does Embellishment Just Right

Prim and proper are definitely two words that describe this lady — in a good way, of course. Kate Middleton wore an embellished gray dress to deliver a speech, and she couldn’t have looked better. She’s always able to pull off garments that are professional but completely chic at the same time. So, if ever you’re wanting to amp up your office wear game, you should definitely look to her for inspiration.

Gray never comes across as boring on her, and especially not in this slightly bedazzled number. The collar and sleeves have a touch of gold and turquoise beading to add just a bit of pizzazz to this ensemble. The dress is so good, in fact, that Middleton recycled it from 2012. If it's good enough for her to wear twice, you should really consider wearing something similar during all of the holiday gatherings that are coming up. An embellished dress of this sort will be completely festive, but not over the top. So why use your office Christmas party as the time to start channeling the Duchess at work? Seems like a good plan to me.

Letting Middleton inspire your look is never a bad idea, but especially not during the holidays. Whether you’re going to a holiday dinner or a New Year’s Eve party, shop dresses with slight embellishment to celebrate in a classy way. Because who doesn’t want to sparkle all night long in a Middleton-approved manner?

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just perfection.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even the wind couldn't keep her from looking great. In fact, it's just the opposite. The way it's blowing her hair back showcases all of that beautiful beadwork.

1. Subtle Sparkle

Embellished Bodycon Dress, $89.58, ASOS

Classy with a touch of sparkle. Yep, I think the Duchess would approve.

2. Black & Gold

Plus-Size Embellished Illusion-Yoke Dress, $78.99, Macy's

A knee-length dress with gold embellishment will give you that regal feeling this holiday season.

3. Cocktail Party-Ready

Composition Dissertation Dress, $89.99, ModCloth

Doesn't this dress look like it goes well with that champagne flute you'll be carrying around all night?

4. Decked Out In Diamonds

Shift Dress With Diamond Embellishment, $179.15, ASOS Curve

You'll be ready for any kind of holiday gathering with this embellished shift dress. You fancy thing, you.

5. Shoulder Bling

Embellished Surplice Dress, $68.50, Torrid

An elegant up 'do will show off that detailing on the shoulders.

6. Sequined Maxi Dress

Rhinestone Sequins Maxi Dress, $44.90, Forever 21

A maxi dress with slight embellishment is so classy.

7. Layers Of Sparkle

Scallop Embellished Dress, $152.28, ASOS

This slightly sheer dress with a hint of sparkle will have you ready to celebrate the holidays in style.

You can't go wrong with any of these classy numbers. They'll help you ring in the holidays just right. If Middleton can do it, then so can you!

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