How To Tell If Your Hair Needs Protein Or Moisture So You Can Choose The Right Product

There are so many hair products out there these days that it's borderline overwhelming, so it's important to know what your hair needs in order to determine which one is right for you. You might be noticing a trend between two different types of treatments and find yourself asking: "does my hair needs protein or moisture?" Luckily, you can figure this out easily enough at home, without having to go to the salon and consult a stylist.

It's important to know that protein and moisture treatments are very different, and giving your hair too much of one can actually end up hurting it, so don't assume all hair masks/products are created equal. Instead, figure out what your hair is lacking and then choose a course of treatment. Here's how to tell:

Perform The Strand Test

Take a strand of your hair, wet it with water, then gently stretch it. if it returns to it's original length without breaking, you have properly balanced moisture/protein levels. Yay! However, if it stretches more than it should and breaks, you probably need protein. If it doesn't stretch much, you need moisture.

Go By Feel

If the strand test doesn't work for you, go by how your hair feels. Stringy, limp, or sticky hair generally needs more protein. If your hair feels tough or hard, it probably has too much protein in it. However, if your hair is dry, tangled, and weak, it needs moisture. Overly soft hair that is breaking and won't style has too much moisture.

Once you've figured out what your hair needs, shop these protein and moisture masks.

1. WELLA: Protein

WELLA Keratin Mask, $23, Amazon

It's like a mini salon-style keratin treatment you can do at home.

2. Moroccan Oil: Moisture

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask, $50, Amazon

If you love the oil, prepare to fall in love with the mask.

3. Salon Gioje: Protein

Keratain Protein Mask, $25, Amazon

This mask is sulfate-free, so it will be less drying.

4. Marula: Moisture

Deep Moisture Hair Mask , $36, Amazon

A deeply hydrating mask will help repair hair's elasticity.

5. Redken: Protein

Extreme Strength Builder Plus Fortifying Mask , $24, Amazon

This mask will help strengthen even the most distressed head of hair.

6. One N' Only: Moisture

Argan Oil Hydrating Mask, $8, Amazon

Need some extra shine? Choose a mask with argan oil.

7. L'Oreal: Moisture

Moisture Rush Mask, $7, Amazon

This mask hydrates your hair, but is light enough that it won't weigh it down.

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