Students Tell Old Teachers How Important They Are

Unlike students who get to read nice messages in their yearbooks, rarely do teachers find out how students felt about them during their time together in school. And what a shame that is. If you're lucky enough, a teacher can be an extension of ones family and someone who shapes your life significantly. I know it's easy to write them off because you were too busy being mad at the homework and tests given. But it's very important to recognize the people in your life that saw you in your formative years.

I've had a few wonderful teachers growing up. The first was my fourth grade English teacher, Mrs. Simon. She was from South Africa and always dressed in the best outfits. I don't know if she still teaches or how to get in touch with her, but I always wanted to thank her for what she did. I once brought in an eight page story for her to read (even though the homework assignment called for three paragraphs). I loved writing and creating fictional narratives, but I usually wrote for myself and hid it from others. Sharing the story with Mrs. Simon was really personal. She looked it over, asked me to come to her desk and then proceeded to tell me and her teaching aide that she has never seen such a complex story from someone my age. I don't think she knew that her praise was what eventually set me on the path to becoming a storyteller.

My other favorite was my high school Abnormal Psychology teacher, Mrs. Bales. I loved her class because she treated everyone like adults. There was no B.S. with her. You did your work, you took the tests and you passed. She also listened to us. And I mean, really listened. You could be a total goofus and get all the answers wrong, but if you showed effort she appreciated that. I was always "the weird kid" since middle school (please see the photo below), so having an adult laugh at my jokes made me feel like I would be OK out in the real world.

Those two are not the only teachers who have had an impact on my life, but they are the most easy to recall. I wish I could turn to each teacher and tell them what they did for me, but alas, thats a project for another day. That's what makes this video of students telling their teachers how they feel about them so damn special. Get ready to bust out some tissues for this one. Also, go find your teachers on FaceBook and tell em how YOU feel.

1. Why Being A Kid Sucks Sometimes

I'm right there with you man! I might not have gone to school with traditional "jocks" and "popular kids" I still felt all that pressure to be special and successful.

2. Being Bullied Also Sucks

A good teacher can spot that behavior in their classroom and stop it. Or at least speak to the student to help them out. Lucky for me, bullying stopped at around fourth grade because I taught myself to speak without a Russian accent and started to make jokes. The confidence to be funny came from Mrs. Simon.

3. Teachers Give You Confidence

I relate to this fully. Mrs. Bales entertained the idea that I wasn't just some weirdo kid mouthing off. She let me be me.

4. What You Want To Tell Your Teachers

Everyone in the video wanted to thank their teacher for getting them through the tough parts of their adolescence. And we all should follow their lead. Teachers get absolutely shafted in the public school system, but have the greatest impact on our society.

5. This Broke My Heart

Teachers are overworked, underpaid and overlooked. They don't hear every day that their work matters. It does. If you think about how much their kind words helped you, imagine how they must feel knowing they did that. So tell them. Find them on Facebook or call up your school. I know I'm going to make more of an effort.

See the full video below and try not to feel all the feelings.

Images: YouTube