Amy Poehler Still Shocked By Golden Globe Win

One of the best reactions to winning a Golden Globe award last night came from none other than the event's co-host Amy Poehler herself, who took home a coveted statue for her role as Leslie Knope in Parks & Recreationher first win at the show, ever. Her reaction was, to say the least, that of complete and utter shock: As she said in her acceptance speech, "I was not prepared for this...I never win, so I can't believe I won!" After the event (and making out with U2 frontman Bono on camera), Amy Poehler spoke a bit more about hosting the show and winning her first Golden Globe:

"I think I'm 0 for 13 in these awards shows, so I was very, very, very surprised to win and very excited," Poehler told E! Online of her award. As for hosting the Globes for a second time, Poehler explained that she and co-host/best friend in the whole wide world Tina Fey were still nervous about hosting the show, though it was their second time doing it: "We wanted to do well and not have a sophomore slump. And also we kind of knew how it went, so...anytime I do anything with Tina, it feels really familial, and comfortable. It was really exciting. I got to make out with Bono, so that's not bad."

The moment, of course, that she's referring to is that of when she fake-made out with U2's Bono after her name was announced as winner of best actress in a comedy series.

It was one of the better moments of the night to mostly everyone...except Poehler's real-life boyfriend, The League star Nick Kroll. After the show, Kroll jokingly tweeted out a hilarious warning to Bono:

They should battle in a sing-off competition, probably.

Anyway, you can check out the clip of Poehler talking with E! News after her win over here, then check out her full, adorable acceptance speech over at Vulture, here. Yay Leslie Knope!

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Images: Getty Images; Vulture