9 Things In Your Room You Had No Idea Could Make You Big Bucks On eBay

It happens to everyone. As the holidays approach — and, thus, gift-giving time approaches — you suddenly realize a harsh reality: You could really use some extra cash. But extra cash isn't always easy to come by — or so you think. In fact, that cash might be laying around nearby, as close as your closet. Because there are likely a number things in your house — from your neglected Fitbit to a much-beloved but rarely worn watch — that you can easily sell on eBay for a pretty great price.

Yep, that's right, eBay! The online marketplace you know and love is the perfect place for you to turn your no-longer-needed items into some much-appreciated and much-needed cash. With 159 million active eBay buyers worldwide, there’s bound to be someone who’s looking to buy exactly what you’re selling — and is willing to pay the kind of price that will make you eager to look at your bank balance this month.

To help you get started, we’ve partnered with eBay to put together a list of nine items that are some of the most popular on the site. We've also provided information on how much you should expect to get for them. Start searching your closets now!

This post is sponsored by eBay. First-time sellers who list and sell on eBay by December 31 will receive a $50 eBay coupon. Offer must be activated before item is listed by visiting this page.

1. iPhone 5s

Sell On eBay For:

New: $348.75

Used: $276.66

So you upgraded to that new, beautiful rose gold iPhone 6s, but you still have that old model sitting at home? You can get a pretty penny for it — just make sure you’ve wiped all your personal information from it first.

2. Nike Running Shoes

Sell On eBay For:

New: $57-$61

Used: $37-$41

Let’s be honest — you gave up running months ago. (There are simply too many TV marathons you need to get through before you actually consider running a marathon.) So you might as well run to the bank by posting your new (or gently used) kicks on eBay.

3. Fitbit

Sell On eBay For:

New: $97-$104

Used: $82-$87

Nearly 79 percent of merchandise sold on eBay is new. So if you got a Fitbit following a well-intentioned New Year's resolution last year, but failed to take it out of its packaging, now’s your chance to trade it in for cash to buy something you actually want. Like a pizza — or two or three.

4. Kate Spade Handbag

Sell On eBay For:

New: $104.70

Used: $64.28

At the time, you just had to have a designer handbag, but it's been relegated to the back of your closet ever since. Maybe it doesn't fit with your wardrobe; maybe you just want to change it up. The good news? It's in perfectly good condition, so feel free to sell that baby and use the cash however you please.

5. Michael Kors Watch

Sell On eBay For:

New: $119-$128

Used: $79-$87

If you’ve got your eye on a new model, put your old one on eBay. After all, women’s accessories are sold every three seconds on the site, so there’s a pretty good chance yours will be sold in a blink of an eye.

6. Beats Headphones

Sell On eBay For:

New: $117-$128

Used: $74-$87

Headphones are sold every 16 seconds on eBay. That’s a lot of headphones, so if you’re no longer feeling yours, you can find them a new owner, stat.

7. Jimmy Choo Shoes

Sell On eBay F:or

New: $156-$178

Used: $75-$88

Maybe they pinched your feet. Maybe they didn’t go with the dress you wanted to wear to your brother’s wedding. Maybe you’re finally doing some spring cleaning and paring down your wardrobe. No matter what the reason, eBay can help walk your Jimmy Choo shoes out of your closet. And then you can watch the money fly into your pocket.

8. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Sell On eBay For:

New: $71-$75

Used: $54-$59

Hey, they never quite fit your face anyway. So go ahead and list them, so someone else can enjoy them and you can enjoy a little wiggle-room in your holiday shopping budget.

9. Hunter Boots

Sell On eBay For:

New: $94-$102

Used: $82-$87

At any given time, there are over 800 million listings on eBay. Rest assured, however, that your rain boots will appeal to another user. In fact, they're guaranteed to make a splash.

So what are you waiting for? Clean out your closets and fill up your wallets by heading to eBay!

Images: eBay