Get A Head Start On Zara Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is just around the corner, so it's time to start preparing your shopping game plan. One place you'll definitely want to put on your list is Zara, as Zara's 2015 Black Friday deals will undoubtedly yield huge discounts, both online and in store. Although the brand has yet to release information about the sale, you can anticipate some major steals if years past are any indication.

In 2013, Zara's sale efforts were more geared towards Cyber Monday. Its clothes were up to 50 percent off and the brand offered free shipping on all orders. also reports that Zara will probably bring back its sale figures from previous Black Fridays, which included 30 to 50 percent off items storewide.

According to Mic, Zara's Black Friday sale will begin at 6 a.m. on Nov. 27, which is considerably late for Black Friday, and brick and mortar locations won't be open on Thanksgiving Day. The brand doesn’t have sales often, though (just two to three times a year), so this might just be our last chance to snag some bargains before 2016.

While we all collectively dream of what Zara sales will be like on Black Friday, here are seven reasons to keep Zara on your list of #ShoppingGoals, in combination with some current steals from the brand's "Special Prices" section.

1. Zara Is All About Classics

Faux Fur Coat, $49.99,

Zara is the perfect store to shop at if you like to preserve a fun and youthful element to your look while simultaneously looking professional. The fact that the brand relies on so many classics makes it the perfect mix of stylish and sophisticated.

2. It Won't Break The Bank

Printed Tube Skirt, $19.99,

Unlike many brands that will sell you this level of quality, you can shop at Zara and still pay your rent. Need I say more?

3. Its Statement Style Is Approachable

Ribbed Dress, $22.90,

Although Zara seems to be known for its business-casual attire, the brand also manages to preserve a level of approachability so that even the laziest dressers (raises hand) can feel comfortable when shopping there.

4. Anyone Can Find Something

Masculine Coat, $49.99,

Since so much of its clothing is minimalist, you can really take Zara basics and make them your own. IMO, almost anyone can shop at Zara and find something that they like, since the clothing lends itself to being interpreted in a myriad of stylistic ways.

5. It's The Definition Of Day To Night

Dress With Bell Sleeves, $12.99,

Finding clothing that can work during the day but be transitioned into the bar or dining scene at night is an endless struggle. But the clothing at Zara can usually make this transition seamlessly.

6. Everything Is Simple

Printed Dress, $29.90,

There's something to be said for straightforward and simple attire that's incredibly well-made, tailored, and chic, amirite?

7. When The Brand Has Sales, It Goes All-Out

Gray Pants, $19.99,

Personally, I like the fact that Zara doesn't have kitschy sales every other week, focusing instead on a couple of mega sales per year and an understated "Special Prices" section on its e-retail site. It just means the sales it does have are all the more exciting.

Even though Zara's remaining hush hush about its Black Friday deals, there's no reason not to get a head start.

Images: Courtesy Zara