Things Every Adult Should Have In Their Apartment

Transitioning from young adult to “real” adult can take time, and especially in this era of incredibly high costs of living. It's creating a generation of 20-somethings still eating their fair share of ramen and sleeping on futons. However, there are certain things every grown up should have in their home — no arguments allowed.

When I first moved to New York City after college, my apartment housed seven people in its heyday. The kitchen was almost never clean, the floors were somehow always a little sticky, and we definitely hung a super-sized ironic Twilight poster prominently on one wall. We had transported dorm life to our new post-college lives, unwilling or unable to give it up just yet. And as gross as it often was, we were almost always totally satisfied with our living arrangement and even believed ourselves to be pretty mature.

Cut to over half a decade later — I now live with only two other people in an apartment that boasts things like a spice rack and welcome mat. The sink is almost always clean, and we even take care of living things, like plants and cats. The transition wasn't easy, and I'll be the first to admit I waited way too long to get relatively cheap luxuries that have revolutionized my life. And as happy as I was at 22, I now look around at my current living situation and think how I would never, ever go back.

If you're starting to reach the point in life where you just want to feel like you have a grown up home, here are ten things every real adult should have in their apartment — no excuses.

1. A Good Bed

According to a study published by the NIH on the relation of a good bed to quality of sleep, test subjects reported less back pain, less stress, and a better night's sleep after the introduction of a better quality mattress. Basically, a good night's sleep is super important for quality of life and a healthy system, and well, no one's getting any younger.

2. Nice Things To Go On That Bed

Marimekko Kesahelle Grey Queen Sheet Set, $139.95,

Not only is a good quality bed important, but you should also invest in nice things to go on that bed — specifically, soft and comfy linens. Apartment Therapy Senior Editor Jennifer Hunter also reminded us to have extras on hand for guests in an article on things you should have in your home by the age of 30.

3. A Fire Extinguisher

Full Home Fire Extinguisher, $21.25,

OK, hopefully you already have this one covered, but if you don't, stop everything you're doing and go out and get one right now. Seriously. A UK study on the effectiveness of fire extinguishers showed that an estimated 80 percent of home fires are extinguished with fire extinguishers, and the fire department is never needed.

4. A First Aid Kit

Johnson&Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit, $9.99,

Much like the fire extinguisher, this is just something any self-respecting adult person needs to have somewhere in their home. Or at least spring for some bandaids and Neosporin.

5. Frames For Your Posters

Room Essentials Traditional Gallery Frame, $14.99,

Nothing screams, "I'm still a college kid at heart!" like unframed posters curling up at the corners. Put them in inexpensive frames to instantly spruce up your home and raise the maturity level by about a decade.

6. Tools

Apollo Tools 39-pc General Do-It-Yourself Kit With Utility Knife, $19.99,

A place in your home for a hammer, some nails, a leveler, and maybe even a power drill will definitely come in handy and will make you all the more likely to actually purchase other grown up things you want, like shelves or paintings.

7. A Full-Length Mirror

Threshold Full Length Mirror, $34.99,

I spent the ages of 22-24 seeing only half of my body at any given time in a mirror that came pre-installed in my apartment. I would literally stand on a chair if I wanted to see how my shoes looked with my outfit. I finally spent 20 bucks and an hour of my life purchasing a full length mirror, and it was possibly the best decision of my 20s.

8. Nice Towels

Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton Solid Bath Towels, $24.99,

Much like nice linens for your bed, matching, quality towels are a must for helping you feel like your house is a home and not just an extension of senior year. Also, there's nothing quite as embarrassing as giving a houseguest an old, faded Mickey Mouse towel that may or may not be clean when you start approaching 30.

9. A Kettle

Prime Pacific Whistling Tea Kettle, $25.46,

A kettle is a simple, convenient accessory, and it just feels so much nicer than microwaving water for your hot beverages. It also makes preparing drinks for multiple guests super cozy and convenient.

10. A Plant

Orchid in Ceramic Deco Pot, $26.98, Home Depot

Plants not only add a ton of ambiance to a space and make for great decoration, but there's just something super satisfying about being mature enough to successfully keep something alive. Plus, you're literally paving the way to a house pet.

If you've been feeling like an eternal child and are looking for a change, any or all of the above tips will go a long way in helping you feel just a little more put together, as well as like you've made a big step on the road to being a grown up. Just make sure you remember to do your laundry.

Images: Pexels (2)