This Is What It Looks Like When The Cool Kids Hang

Of course, when you get all of these ladies together in one room, it’s bound to be a fashionable affair. Selena Gomez hung out with Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Lily Aldridge recently, because that's just the type of circle the she runs in. It may have been just a causal hang out session, but if you ask me, it was a pretty big deal.

Hadid posted a photo of the gang to Instagram with the caption, “These are a few of my favorite things...” I see where she’s coming from. I mean, I’d have to admit that the photo contains a few of my favs, as well. I’m not sure if the photo was taken as Hadid and Aldridge were prepping for the VS Fashion Show or if these gals are just besties who get together on the regular, but I’m really hoping it’s the latter. I mean, how great would it be to know that they’re all BFFs?

Aldridge seems to be a little bit more dressed down in a t-shirt, but Gomez is wearing all black and Swift’s in lace, so this is obviously more fancy than any of my hang out sessions. What else can you expect from a group of A-listers, though, you know? Check out what it looks like when the cool kids hang.

Just a casual get-together amongst celebrities.

Now, shop comfy clothing for when you chill with friends (when I say friends, I mean Netflix). Those sessions are bound to be far more (normal) casual.

1. Joggers

Joggers With Lace Up Tie, $35.83, ASOS

These are both comfy and cute, so that's the ideal clothing for super casual visits with friends, IMO.

2. Hoodie

Heathered Drawstring Hoodie, $24.90, Forever 21+

Now this is my ideal chill gear.

3. Leggings

Kym Full Length Tight, $92, Splits59

Don't you just feel like you've had a productive day when you're in yoga pants even if all you did was sit around and eat popcorn? I know I do.

4. Sweatshirt

Christmas Sweatshirt, $50.16, ASOS Curve

You know, for all of those holiday hang outs.

5. Hoodie/Sweatshirt Combo

Tunic Hoodie, $125, Crane & Lion

This is like combining a hoodie and a sweatshirt, so it's really the best of both worlds.

6. Baggy Sweat Pants

Marled Drawstring Sweatpants, $19.90, Forever 21+

Because roomy sweats are the best.

7. Cute Tee

Trending Graphic Tee, $15.90, Forever 21+

A cute t-shirt adds just the right touch to a comfy outfit.

To all of those pajama and comfy clothing-filled hang outs!

Friendly get-togethers really are the greatest. So, Hadid and the rest of the gang — feel free to stop on by!

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