Golden Globes After-Party Dresses from Sofia Vergara, Taylor Swift, and More: Did the Switcheroos Work?

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A lot of thought and fanfare go into awards-show fashion — weeks spent searching for the perfect gown, days spent choosing the best accessories, hours spent getting glammed up before the show — but the red carpet isn’t the end-all-be-all for a handful of awards-show attendees. For those leading ladies who missed the style mark before the ceremony, there’s always the chance to redeem themselves come after-party time. Unfortunately, for stars who switch up their look post-show, there's also the risk of finishing the night on a low note. When it came to last night’s Golden Globe awards, we got to see a little of both. Find out which stars turned it out post-Golden Globes, and which stars should have just quit while they were ahead.

Images: Getty Images

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