14 Thanksgiving Memes To Make You Laugh

by Meghan Bassett

It’s that time of year again. Time to get together with the family you only see a couple of times a year, eat so much food you bust a button, and drink a little too much wine while debating politics at the dinner table. (Hopefully, Aunt Karen will forgive your drunken outburst this year.) Getting through the holiday can be a little tough, so I’m hitting you with funny Thanksgiving memes that will make all that family quality time a little more bearable.

I sometimes wonder what people would do without their smartphones and tablets during the holidays nowadays. Remember way back when we were forced to actively engage with our families instead of all having our noses in our mobile devices? Talk about torture. All us kids could do was hope this wasn’t the year we got promoted to the adult table. Those were the days, am I right?

That trip down memory lane is over and I’m back in the 21st century now, I swear. Whether you’re being tortured by your family or you’re actually enjoying their company (for now), here are some memes to distract you from the fact that you are now trapped with your family for an entire weekend with no way out.

NEVER let your little brother carve the turkey. Ever.

It’s the food, always the food.

God, I hate this game. Every. Single. Year.

And if they do? They're doing it wrong.

If you’re trying to put words in my mouth, at least make sure you give me some turkey to go along with them.


The true perk of being an adult on Thanksgiving.

You think you’ll be stuffed and over Thanksgiving for another year, but just wait until the leftovers run out.

Seriously, can we please just wait until the day after Thanksgiving?

Does anyone actually know why dinner on Thanksgiving is always so freakin’ early?

Have you seen the grocery store on Thanksgiving? I’m still haunted by an incident in 2010…

No, I don’t need to see one thousand turkey posts today. Thanks.

What if turkeys started fighting back….? Just saying…

This is what Thanksgiving and Black Friday are all about, right?

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