The Grammy Award for Best New Artist Ends Careers — Just Ask These 8 Pop Stars

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Awards season is in full swing and Hollywood's best and brightest in all categories are being recognized for their work this year. While we already saw the Golden Globes in early January and the Screen Actor's Guild Awards last weekend, in just a few days, we'll switch gears to music with the upcoming Grammy Awards on Sunday, Jan. 26.

One of the Grammys' most revered awards goes to the Best New Artist of the year, an award that begin in 1960 — Macklemore and Ed Sheeran are among the nominees to win this year. While the award is meant to recognize the next biggest star on the airwaves (such as The Beatles, who won the award in 1965), history has proven otherwise. A majority of the winners for Best New Artist went on to have not-so-hot records, while their fellow nominees have earned millions through successful pop careers.

Let's take a look at some of the most surprising losers and who took the trophy, instead.

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