Bella Hadid's Wet Hair Is So Glam On This Cover

"Wet hair, don't care" is a legit thing these days with magazine covers. So many celebs are posing with soaked strands. Model Bella Hadid's wet hair S Moda cover is the latest in a long line of drenched follicle looks. It actually isn't that much different than her signature hairstyle, which is usually center-parted, slicked back, and off her face.

At this point, I really can't even refer to her as "Gigi Hadid's little sister" anymore because she has earned the right to be recognized for her own work, her own repertoire, and her own style. She is as jaw-droppingly gorgeous as her supermodel big sis and she is making major modeling strides.

For S Moda, Hadid wore a sheer, back-baring black top and a thick black choker. Even though she was born in 1996, Hadid clearly siphons inspo from other decades for her personal style. Chokers are so '90s and Hadid's looked like a collar. She recently slayed the '80s satin jacket trend and elevated her street style thanks to a pair of Adidas sneakers.

Hadid's bronzy, smoky, and golden eye makeup had a "sunset" vibe, while her rosy lips looked like they were just kissed. The fact that her hair was soaked and pushed back off her face, hanging down her back, called more attention to that makeup!

Hadid's S Moda cover look boasted a lot of elements — the choker, the drop earrings, the hair, and that soft yet serious makeup.

She was tres bella, or "tres Bella."

The wet hair look is best suited for editorial purposes, as opposed to IRL. It's hard to wear wet hair in cold climates and hair, well, eventually dries! It's also hard to keep makeup from migrating or getting messy when surrounded by wet strands. If you want to do a wet head look, take a selfie before you blow dry!

As for the wet hair mag cover trend? Let's peep some recent soaked strands looks!

Adele was shower fresh (and in a plush, comfy robe!) on her recent Rolling Stone cover.

Zendaya opted for sopping wet strands on one of her Hunger covers.

Beyonce's bombshell Vogue cover, which was the mag's vaunted September issue, was all about her curves and her wet ringlets.

Rita Ora also rocked "outta the shower hair" for the latest issue of SELF. It was refreshing since Ora is quite a hair chameleon who changes her hair as often as possible.

Last year, Taylor Swift went with a wet head for Wonderland.

Kristen Stewart opted for a deep side part and a tumble of super wet hair when she covered V.

The wet hair look works for magazine editorial since it can be part of a fresh-scrubbed, bare-faced, or makeup-free presentation. Or it can be an unexpected, contrasting element for a glammed out cover look. Whatever the direction, the trend appears hair, er, here to stay.

Images: Bella Hadid/Instagram (1); Rolling Stone (1); Hunger (1); Vogue (1); SELF (1); Wonderland (1); V (1);