'Jessica Jones' Already Has A New Big Bad

For marathon viewers like myself, once you've managed to finish Jessica Jones on Netflix, the questions for future seasons and series start bubbling up. As Jessica herself said, "I can only fight one Big Bad at a time." So, what is IGH on Marvel's Jessica Jones ? Whatever it is, it's enough to get Trish Walker to talk to her mother, connected to Will Simpson's boss Doctor Kozlov, and one of the series' biggest lingering mysteries. Fair warning, there are spoilers for Episodes 12 - 13 ahead!

We first hear these ominous letters when Trish is on the phone with Jessica. She describes IGH as a private research organization that Kozlov worked for, allegedly. They funded his drug trials. A quick Google search told Walker that this organization does not officially exist. Later, Trish's momager (who overheard the conversation) shows up her door with a file. She uses it as a bargaining chip to get back into Trish's good graces. Turns out that whoever or whatever IGH is, they covered young Jessica's medical bills when she survived the car accident that killed her parents and little brother. Trish's mom thinks it may have been a charitable write-off. It is unclear as to whether or not they knew about her abilities or even were the ones who caused it. At the end of Season 1, Trish receives all of her mother's IGH files and starts to go through them. Her "iron will," as Jessica calls it, is keeping her on the case.

So, potentially evil medical research organization. Got it. That's nothing new. There's nothing in Marvel Comics that I can find to provide answers, so let's start with the basics. What do the letters stand for? The "I" could be institute, international, or iron. The "G" global, or genetic, or gifted. The "H" is what stumps me most of all. Could it be health? Homeland?

There's definitely something fishy about any accident that results in someone getting superpowers, and I'm willing to bet that IGH has its fingers all over it. I would love it if this accident was somehow connected to the accident that killed Howard and Maria Stark — that's an MCU mystery that's just begging to be solved. However, Iron Man 's parents were killed in 1991, so I don't think that was the same car crash, specifically.

One last thought — how much do you wanna bet that IGH is responsible for the experiments that Kilgrave and his parents were involved in as well? Jessica Jones made a point to mention that she never went through the rest of Reva Connor's files, only the ones that pertained to Kilgrave. It's already suspicious to me that Will Simpson was picked at random by Kilgrave to assassinate Trish Walker. It's gross to think about, but I would not be surprised if Kilgrave and Jessica Jones have been connected from the start.

Image: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix