6 Things To Know About Your Partner's Sign

by Teresa Newsome

If you're into astrology, you probably pour over your own horoscope looking for information on how to be happy and successful in love, but there are also things you need to know about your partner's Astrological sign. And there is so much more to Astrological compatibility than horoscopes.

Horoscopes are based on your sun sign. While they're easy to determine, they're not an accurate total picture of you, or your partner. You're also ruled by your moon sign and the placement of the other planets in your astrological chart, according to Astromatcha.

Then you have the ways the planets move to consider. Oh, and what element goes with your sign and how you and your partner's elements pair up. In other words, just examining your sun sign compatibility is like deciding if you like all vegetables by eating one salad. There's so much more to explore.

This will make a lot of sense to you if you've always felt your horoscopes were slightly off or your sun sign information didn't tell your whole story. And it will be exciting to you if your surface-level Astrological research was dead-on. Now you can delve way below the surface and learn everything the universe has to say about you and your love.

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1. The Moon Sign

When you tell someone your sign, you're telling them your ascendant sign, or sun sign, but it's not your only sign. Your moon sign actually has a very strong pull over your emotions, which obviously matters when it comes to love. You have to know what time your partner was born to calculate his or her moon sign, but doing so will help explain any big ways in which the sun sign doesn't apply and give insight into the women-ruled emotional moon energy. Calculate your partner's moon sign here.

2. The Location Of Venus And Mars

It's especially important to look into the location of Venus and Mars in your partner's astrological chart, according to intuitive healer and astrologer and author of Astrology Made Simple Ally Mead. Mead says the placement of Venus reveals how your partner loves, as well as his or her romantic needs, while Mars reveals important information about their sexual needs and desires. You can get a general idea of your partner's Mars sign here and Venus sign here.

3. Your Balancing Aspects

Aspects, for me at least, is where astrology tends to get complicated. According to Astrology Website Sky Script, an aspect is the distance between two points in a horoscope. As the planets move around, they create different circumstances that can have a tense, harmonious, or neutral impact on your life. You'll want a partner who's aspects compliment yours for the most harmony.

4. The Mixing Of Elements

Each sun sign corresponds with a specific element; either fire, earth, air, or water. The element you're associated with helps describe your personality, beliefs, and relationship styles, according to Astrology website Keen. Here is the elemental breakdown:

  • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
  • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
  • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

The different combinations of elements, for example, an air sign dating a water sign, have different strengths and weaknesses. Two air signs must focus on communication, while an air and a water sign must work to balance each other out. Understanding your partner's element will help you understand your partner.

5. Sun Sign Compatibility

Your sun sign is the answer you give when people ask "what's your sign?" For example, I'm an Aquarius. Sun sign compatibility is important, but not that important. People tend to put too much stock in sun sign compatibility, according to astrologer and author of the upcoming book Timing is Everything — 5 Effortless Ways To Make Your Life Go Better Jenni Stone, who said, "What I have found is that there could be a good amount of 'glue' that makes two people come together and stick, but the most important thing is knowing whether the other person is capable of being a good partner, and responsible about finances — and that can only be seen from looking at their whole chart."

6. The Whole Chart

When it really comes down to it, you need to look at your partner's whole chart, says Stone. You may be compatible in one way but incompatible in another, and that information can't be easily obtained by just looking at your sun signs or the location of a few of your planets. If you're really invested in making sure your love will last, you should seek out a complete chart reading by an experienced astrologer.

Even if the stars indicate that you're a poor match, if you're happy and your relationship is healthy, you can overcome your differences.

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