Kardashian Stylist Monica Rose Partners With Sarah Chloe On Jewelry Line — PHOTOS

Well, folks, get ready to add another jewelry collaboration to your Christmas wishlist. Celebrity stylist Monica Rose collaborated with Sarah Chloe to bring you earrings, rings and more that you’re going to want. And, she released it just in time for the holidays! Smart woman. I guess you learn a trick or two from the people you work with (*ahem* Kris Jenner and the entire Kardashian family), so no wonder Rose has got such business savvy, you know?

The jewelry line is available to shop now and consists of very minimalistic silver and gold pieces. Rose kept it modern and featured things like wrap rings and arm cuffs in the collection. When it comes to styling, this woman is at the top of her game (did I mention she dresses the Kardashians ?! NBD), and apparently, she’s got an expert eye for jewelry, too.

Getting a piece of that expertise doesn’t come cheap, however. With one item costing over $1,000, this is clearly going to make for some quality accessorizing here, people. But never fear! There are pieces in the $50-$150 range that are much more manageable for all of us non-Kardashians, too. There's truly something for everyone in this range. So, check out her collection and start hinting to your significant other (or whoever else has you on their Christmas shopping list) because you’re going to want to be gifted with this amazingness over the holidays.

Jenner supports the collaboration. All the more reason for you to do the same.

1. Inez Earring

Inez Earring, $78, MRXSC

Simple, yet sophisticated.

2. Cayetano Lariat

Cayetano Lariat, $148, MRXSC

I love how sexy this cascading necklace is.

3. Luz Ring

Luz Ring, $118, MRXSC

When one ring can have your whole hand looking good, it's the only piece of jewelry you need.

4. Arnaz Arm Cuff

Arnaz Arm Cuff, $118, MRXSC

The stacked bracelet look is so stylish.

5. Alaia Ear Cuff

Alia Ear Cuff, $216, MRXSC

You can even match the cuffs on your arms to the cuff on your ear.

6. Mercedes Midi Ring

Mercedes Midi Ring, $398, MRXSC

Because everyone loves being able to layer their rings, am I right?

7. Marina Personalized Lariat

Marina Personalized Lariat, $148, MRXSC

You can even add your initial to this necklace for an extra special touch.

Shop these pieces and more on Sarah Chloe's website. I don't know about you, but I've made my list. All that's left to do is check it twice.

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