Finally, A Short-Guy Specific Clothing Line

by Kali Borovic

Women aren't the only ones who sometimes find off-the-rack clothing to be a problem. Hoping to make shopping a little easier for short guys everywhere, Ash & Anvil created clothing for shorter men. Founded by two men who know the shopping struggle is real, this line is sure to make a big different in the lives (and closets) of the under 5'8" set.

After Eric Huang and Steven Mazur realized that going shopping isn't all that fun for short guys, they decided to be the solution. Rather than just pay the "tailor tax" and get their clothing hemmed and otherwise tailored to their bodies, they took matters into their own hands. According to InStyle, the Detroit-based duo were participants in the Venture for America program, which connects graduates with startups around the country, when they started brainstorming ideas for a company.

“I texted my girlfriend, ‘What do I complain about the most?” Almost immediately, she responded, “I hate going shopping with you,” Mazur told InStyle, adding that he gets bummed out he can never find anything that fits.

Just like that Ash & Anvil was born. The clothing line, which launched Friday, currently offers The Everyday Shirt (aka your typical button-up) but with a twist — it's specifically designed for guys five foot eight and under. Each 100% pre-shrunken cotton shirt comes in sizes extra-small to 2X, and even offers a "refined collar."

Although currently there is one one style shirt available, the company has plans to expand to an entire clothing line.

"While we’re beginning with Everyday Shirts, our near term plans call for adding other clothes, like T-shirts, knitwear and pants. Eventually, we’d like Ash & Anvil to become a go-to lifestyle brand and community for shorter guys," the Ash & Anvil site says.

“We’re pretty committed to growing this thing into something large like a Lane Bryant," Mazur tells InStyle.

As a short girl myself, I can completely understand what these guys are going through. Sometimes even the petite section doesn't cut it!

The Everyday Shirt, Ash & Anvil, $69

Keeping it casual, their first shirt is pretty basic but so versatile.

The Everyday Shirt, Ash & Anvil, $69

There are five colors of the "Everyday Shirt" available, including this interesting green.

The Everyday Shirt, Ash & Anvil, $69

They also offer polka-dots for those who are interested in adding some print.

You can shop the rest of the colors on their website.

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Images: Ash & Anvil (3)