Men Make Wedding Pinterest Boards Of Their Dreams

It's not very often that I experience the exact same feelings as a man I've never met, but that was definitely the case when I saw this video of men creating fantasy Pinterest boards. Their confusion and loss was my confusion and loss. Their joy and excitement was my joy and excitement. Pinterest is a wild land of memories intermingling with inspiration. Blink — and you're four hours deep into looking for mason-jar DYI projects.

I never got what Pinterest was about. I knew that it was a collection of photos and ideas that you can "pin" and save for later. I just never understood what for. The only reason I gave in and signed up for an account was because of the whole Halloween deer makeup thing that was going on this year. I wanted to figure out why all the girls at a Halloween party I went to wore that particular makeup, and Pinterest wouldn't let me scroll through pictures without signing up for an account.

I think we forget that the Internet is still an unexplored vacuum of insanity. Not everyone is going to know what each component is. None of my friends know what Reddit is yet, but I sure as hell can't tell you about KIK. It's really all about time and dedication. If you sit in front of your laptop long enough you'll figure out what everything is. For now, just sit back and enjoy these men figuring out the joys of Pinterest.

1. These Guys Are All Of Us

You are all of us, sir. Orrrr maybe just me. I still have no idea how the site works, but I know I like it.

2. When You Go On Pinterest For The First Time

You get so overwhelmed with all the choices and possibilities. Chairs? Wooden chairs? Whimsical chairs? Chairs for the house or the outdoors. My god, this entire website is like an IKEA you cannot leave.

3. An Hour Into The Pinterest Hole

Agreed. People are way too talented for their own good. Or I'm just susceptible to good lighting and clear design lines. I WILL NEVER KNOW.

4. Three Hours Into The Pintrest Hole

You'll see the same posts popping up. Variety has an end. THANK MY LUCKY STARS.

5. Final Judgement

You are correct — but the best part is that men can totally take part in this magical space, too. Just get online and go for it. If you feel like joining the Pinterest community, you can! If you don't, Pinterest will probably find you anyway! Here's the full video of men discovering it:

Images: YouTube