These Weird Tricks Will Clear Your Stuffy Nose In A Jiffy — VIDEO

It's that time of year again: Cold and flu season is officially upon us. Chances are, you've already found yourself dangerously close to someone's intense coughing or sneezing. So, what better time than now to start preparing for seasonal sniffles? To solve your congestion woes, Prevention magazine has put together a video with some useful tips to solve a stuffy nose instantly. And I do mean instantly — apparently they'll get the job done in about a minute.

A stuffed up sinus situation is one of the worst cold symptoms. Honestly, who wouldn't take the occasional shiver over an eternally stuffy nose? A stuffy nose makes all your food taste like cardboard, gives you a horrible pressure headache, and turns you into that person who keeps sniffling really loudly in a quiet room (or is that just me?).

That's where Prevention's video comes in. This quick watch will help banish a stuffed-up nose, even when no amount of tissues (with lotion or otherwise) seems to be helping the case. There are a few unconventional tips and tricks on this list, so it's possible you may not have tried some of them before. And while they may seem weird at first, but I promise you'll be thankful to smell again, no matter what it takes.

Here's the general gist of the tricks in two pictures; scroll down to watch the full video. May your nose be ever un-stuffed!

1. The Tongue Tap Trick

To perform this trick — which is apparently an accupuncture manoever — press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then, use two fingers to firmly tap against your forehead, between your eyebrows. Repeat this "press and tap" motion for around 20 seconds, and it should help your nose clear up. How does it work? It moves a bone and releases what's keeping you congested. Who knew, right?

2. Hold Your Breath Method

For this trick, you'll need to tilt your head back and pinch your nose closed. Keep holding your breath for as long as you feel you can (but don't pass out! Fainting might be the only thing worse than a stuffed nose). When you can no longer hold your breath, release your nose. This tip actually tricks your brain into thinking you need more air: It clears your sinuses to make more room for air to enter; thus, when you release your nose, your airways are clear. Science rules.

Watch the full video below for Prevention's complete explanation:

Prevention Magazine on YouTube

Images: Chris Costes/Flickr; Prevention/YouTube