The Oprah Pic That's Too Good To Be True

Oprah is a lot of things. She's a billionaire. She's one of the most well known talk show hosts ever. She's the owner of a television station named after herself. And she's also a human being that lives in a house with a bathroom. Yesterday, Oprah's BFF4L Gayle King posted a photo of Oprah fixing her toilet on Instagram. King captioned the picture, "Stars they are just like us @Oprah at her other job plumber ....who knows how to fix the toilet." After seeing the pic, Instagram commenters got in a hubbub about how Oprah is so normal, so human, so real for putting her hand in the back of a toilet. This is all true, but it's not exactly surprising. Of course Oprah is human and thus able to fidget around with a commode. What is actually surprising here is that Oprah and Gayle King are both on Instagram.

So King was the one to post the picture of Oprah, but it turns out Oprah has her own Instagram account and no disrespect to Gayle, but this is Oprah Winfrey we're talking about. Oprah! Oprah is on Instagram! I'm on Instagram, you're on Instagram, and Oprah is on Instagram. We all have that in common. That's crazy, right? When you're sitting at home on your couch, browsing through your Instagram feed with Chopped playing in the background, there's a good chance Oprah is doing the same thing. Well, except that her sofa is more comfortable, her television of a higher quality, and her home isn't nearly as drafty, but you know what I mean. Oh, also she doesn't follow anyone, so she's either just looking at her own pics or checking out the always strange popular page. Anyway, this is the future! Oprah isn't "just like us" because she fixed her toilet, Oprah is just like us because she passes the time posting unnecessary photos to Instagram.

In the past she's uploaded a picture of chai tea, a pic of her dogs, and an entire series of herself cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Tell me you haven't posted anything like that yourself. You have. You know you have.

So the next time you're not sure about posting that selfie of your new haircut to Instagram, think about what Oprah would do in your situation. She's been there and she would post that damn selfie! Seriously, she would. Much like her magazine covers, Oprah's Instagram consists mainly of photos of herself.

Images: Getty Images; Gayle King/Instagram