Two 'Seinfeld' Stars Walk Into A Diner...

Today, the stars you can't see above New York City aligned, and we were all treated to the image of a lifetime: A shot of none other than former Seinfeld co-stars Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, walking into the diner from Seinfeld , Tom's Restaurant on the Upper West Side.

Like, do you all realize how RARE an occurrence this is? Seinfeld didn't even film in NYC, it filmed in LA and used real NYC exterior shots — I never thought anyone would live to see these two guys walking into the real restaurant. But here we are, looking at an image of that very thing. It's beautiful.

Now, as for why Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were walking into Tom's Restaurant — well, that hasn't been confirmed. According to Gothamist, however, the restaurant was shut down for two hours after Seinfeld and Alexander walked in, and the windows were blocked with black shades to prevent anyone from seeing what was happening inside. There was a film crew with them though, and apparently film gear was seen in a bin labeled "Comedians" nearby, so it's possible that they were filming a scene for Seinfeld's web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee . Someone get Julia Louis-Dreyfus in on this too!

You can check out the full image below.

Ugh, who else misses this show like crazy?

Images: ClubAliP/Twitter, momandpopgifs/Tumblr