Try These Exercises If You Hate Sweating

Whether you have dinner plans later in the evening or you have to rush straight to work in the morning, sometimes you want to fit a workout in, but don't want to get all sweaty. Contrary to popular belief, sweating during a workout doesn't mean you're working any harder, and there are effective workouts you can do, even if you hate sweating. Although it's always healthy to get your heart rate up, there's no reason why you have to get overly-heated to make an impact on your health. In fact, there are plenty of exercises that build strength, work flexibility, and keep your mind sharp without you leaving drenched.

If you're looking for a sweat-free workout, try looking for low-impact exercises or somatic exercises that won't have you engaging in a ton of large of movements. "Somatic exercises are designed to relieve tension, stress, recover from injury and they also help people get out of all sorts of physical pain," says Holistic Health Advisor Edward Barrera to Bustle over email.

If you hate sweating but still want to get in some exercise, try these seven, low-impact, but highly effective workouts that will keep you clean and pristine, but will keep your body in shape.

1. Pilates

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"Pilates is a great option for women who hate to sweat or hate to spend extra time showering, blow-drying their hair and re-applying makeup after a workout," Robin Long, creator of The Balanced Life, a website with pilates workout for women, says over email."You can hit up a Pilates class and then be on your way to lunch without feeling sticky and sweaty." Pilates gives you a great core workout and also increases flexibility, posture, and balance.

2. Barre

Modeled after ballet classes, barre classes work out the whole core without any big, exhausting movements. As a low-impact workout, barre targets certain areas to create long, lean muscles without too much exertion or intense repetition.

3. Aerial Yoga

This type of yoga that has you hanging from a soft fabric will work your strength and flexibility without overheating. "With aerial yoga, you get the great stretching, balancing, and strengthening benefits of yoga without a drop of sweat," says Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Amanda Dale over email.

4. Rebounding


Rebounding is a low-impact exercise that uses mini trampolines and bouncing exercises that incorporate aerobics and muscle-strengthening moves. Rebounding has also been proven to be an excellent way to improve balance.

5. Isometric Exercises

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"Sweating occurs when you start to move and your body heats up and needs to sweat in order to cool down," says bodybuilder and personal trainer Dimitri Sonck over email. "Isometric exercises, by nature, involve static positions that will test your fitness limits but won't have you sweating profusely." Common isometric exercises include the plank, push-ups, and squats.

6. Ice Skating


If you're looking for a good dose of cardio, look no further than ice skating, where getting too hot clearly won't be an issue. Whether it's figure skating or ice hockey, ice skating is a good source of cardio and can strengthen leg and core muscles and can improve balance and alignment.

7. Swimming

If you're not pressed for time and don't mind getting wet, swimming is a great option. "The workouts can be strenuous, but the support of the water makes it feel as if it is not that difficult," says fitness specialist Kim Evans. "With swimming, you get great range of motion, a good cardiovascular workout, and you stay cool in the pool."

So get your workout in without breaking a sweat, because who wants to take an extra shower, anyway?

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