Outkast Should Tweet Just Like This

Oh, I know you like to think that yo tweets don't staaaaaank, but lean a little bit closer babe, Outkast tweets are gonna be cooo-oooolllll. Yes indeed, the moment I've been waiting for since I don't know when has come, Outkast has a Twitter now. Which is exciting because a) they're hilarious and amazing but also b) I've been waiting since 2003 to use that opening line for something, anything. But excellent "Roses" adaptations aside, Outkast has taken to social media to, as they say, thank us all for 20 years of supporting Outkast. As if we wouldn't have kept on jamming out to Stankonia for the next 20 years regardless. However, what is most exciting is that Outkast is an insanely charismatic duo, and we have so many expectations from their Twitter account.

After all, when Big Boi opens with a "stank you smelly much," you know it could get really fun. And not that I'm a demanding long term Outkast fan or anything, but I'm a demanding long term Outkast fan and please guys just talk to me, give me those good Outkast vibes. I have loved them too much and for far too long to tolerate any bullshitty Liam Hemsworth style Twitter antics.

So, essentially, the long wait for Outkast to reunite and get on Twitter means super de duper high expectations. Here's what I personally hope to see filling up that funky Twitter feed:

1) Videos of Big Boi Reading Stuff

Because he is damn good at it. This video might be a reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas but it makes me feel like Christmas all year long.

2) Andre 3000's Freestyles

When Andre 3000 spits it, what comes out is like ear sex, I really can't describe it better than that. Go listen , and remind yourself that before there was Drake or Eminem, Outkast were the cool kids on the block (and they still totally are)

3) Style tips from Andre 3000

Damn, the man looks sharp. Just look at him.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dear god, the man can work suspenders and hats better than any man I've ever known. I bow to you, Andre 3000.

4) Tips On Where To Buy Sunglasses From Big Boi

He's like the Ray Charles of rap, sunglasses wise, except I'm fairly sure he can see. But I don't know, I'm not sure I've seen his eyes since 2001.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sunglasses for days.

5) Twitter Feuds With Other Rappers

OK, this is a less than classy thing to want, but we're talking about what would be interesting not necessarily realistic. And I'm just saying, I bet Tyler the Creator would be willing to go to the mat with them on a Twitter feud, could they somehow provoke him.