'Gotham' May Have Given Bruce A Huge Clue

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle already make a great team on Gotham, and they collaborated yet again in order to uncover the secret of exactly what Silver St. Cloud was up to. So who is "M. Malone," and is he really the man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents? Could Silver have actually been telling the truth, and bluffing about having lied? It turns out that the name "Malone," and the first initial "M," might have a DC Comics origin.

There hasn't been any news about whether Gotham has cast a Matches Malone, even as the casting of other villains like Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze is reported. But even if the name was just supposed to be a lie that Silver made up off the top of her head or a fake piece of information that Galavan gave her to throw Bruce off the correct course, I think the writers were having a little bit of fun with a minor comics character.

"Matches Malone" is a small time crook from DC Comics who has never been written as the killer of Batman's parents, but could easily be revealed as the muscle behind Wayne Enterprises' conspiracy to kill Bruce. Or, perhaps, revealed as Galavan's foot soldier, as he began the process of coming back to the city.

Even if there is no larger meaning behind the assassination of the Waynes, there's still a good chance that Galavan's info about the killer was accurate. Another interesting part of Malone's comics backstory is that his name was often used as an alias when Batman went undercover. So it also could be a code name disguising a different character.

And for those who are rooting for Selina and Bruce to keep teaming up, this episode was also a win — they can trust one another again, which means that if Malone is skulking around the periphery of the story, he could easily be taken by this pair. They managed to escape the challenges of Sid Bunderslaw and his murderous intents for Bruce, so hopefully they can do the same for Malone, whether he's really working for Galavan, Wayne Enterprises, or some unknown other entity.

Images: Nicole Rivelli/FOX; SquintLovely/Tumblr