Aaron Carter Lives In The Year 2002

What comes to mind when you hear the words Aaron Carter? If you guessed "the year 2002," you are correct! But Aaron Carter didn't fade out with ultra-low rise jeans, he's still around and is clinging to 2002 harder than you would expect. Apparently, Aaron Carter wants to get back together with Hilary Duff based on a series of messages Carter supposedly sent to a Duff superfan. If you've noticed a lot of adverbs all up in here, it's because reports of this are based solely on information released by the fan. This is a pretty obsessive fan we're talking about so it's possible this was invented to drum up interest in their Twitter account. It could be true though because Carter said a couple of things on his own Twitter that support the theory. Plus, it seems like Carter has a habit of bringing things from 2002 into the present, so maybe his love of Hilary is just one of many.

Here's five things you'll be surprised Aaron Carter brought to 2014 with him:

1. His Love for Hilary Duff

If the conversation between Carter and the superfan is true, he definitely sounds like he's holding on tight to a relationship from 12 years ago. First Carter tweeted, "I can't even think right now..." right after news of Hilary Duff's split from husband Mike Comrie was reported. To which the Duff fan, who uses the handle @luvintothelight, said, "Hilary is not going to get back with you." Since then, the fan has removed the tweet and posted the following:

Then @luvintothelight posted a series of messages that Carter, supposedly, sent directly:

Carter has not confirmed nor denied any of this, but he did say:

Ohhhh snap! It was because of Hilary wasn't it? Nevermind. He said not to ask.

Also, while the part where he says "Banshee" might have looked like a typo, Carter sent this tweet two days ago:

Dun, dun, dun! Does he want us to know it was him? What is going on?! What year is it? Help!

2. His Shaq Jersey

Carter had a single called "That's How I Beat Shaq" from his album Aaron's Party (Come Get It) back in 2001 and he's still rocking a Shaq jersey. If you haven't seen the video for "That's How I Beat Shaq," please take the time to watch. It is an American treasure.

3. His Haircut

The spiky haircut that he currently has screams early aughts.

4. His Career

Aaron Carter is still touring and still making music. He hasn't lost his drive, that's for sure.

5. His Poster and Doll

Carter posted this picture to Instagram a week ago saying that these "vintage Aaron Carter items" would be part of a giveaway. Yep, 12 years ago is vintage now.

Images: luvintothelight/Twitter; Aaron Carter/Twitter; Aaron Carter/Instagram