Updates To New Orleans Shooting That Has Shocked A Community

On Sunday, a gunman opened fire at Bunny Friend Park during a community parade, a horrific mass shooting in New Orleans that has wounded at least 16 people, according to The Guardian. Around 300 people were reportedly gathered for an annual celebration that encourages rebuilding the community. The park is located in New Orleans' Upper Ninth Ward, which was known to be hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The first calls for the shooting came in around 6 p.m., The Times-Picayune reports. According to WWL-TV, there were at least two gunmen who opened fire into the crowd. It was not immediately clear what initiated the shooting. Ten shooting victims were taken to University Medical Center, the network reports.

WWL-TV also reports another large crowd of people were at Bunny Friend Park to film a music video. Authorities told The Guardian that police were already heading to the park to disperse a large crowd when the shooting began, though it was not immediately clear whether the crowd was made by the parade attendees or the video people. Police spokesman Tyler Gamble said the video was being filmed without a permit.

This story is developing. Check back for updates...

Image: wcn247/Flickr