A Year in the Life of J Law and Nicholas Hoult

Where in the world is Nicholas Hoult? That's been a fun game to play these last few months as he and on-again-off-again girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence snuck around to keep their relationship a secret and mislaid everyone by telling us they were just friends. But Lawrence is, like, really bad at that secrecy game because you're not supposed to bring secret boyfriends to nationally televised awards ceremonies and then kiss them after you win an award. That's exactly what Lawrence did last night at the Golden Globes and now secret is out that J Law is officially taken. The two met while working on X-Men: First Class together and dated for two years until January 2013. According to a source, they originally split because "they're young and grew apart. But they remain friends." Friends who see each other, like, a lot. 2013 was a big year for Lawrence with her movies Catching Fire and American Hustle hitting theaters and Hoult was there almost every step of the way.

February 24 - After Lawrence's big Oscar win, Hoult spoke fondly of his ex saying, "I'm very, very happy for her. I'm thrilled!"

April 29 - Hoult and Lawrence caused a tabloid frenzy by going to dinner together. (Us Weekly called it a "flirtatious dinner date.")

May 6 - Both attended the Met Gala but they arrived separately and Hoult spoke of Lawrence and their supposed-romantic dinner the week before saying simply, "we're friends."

June 2 - Hoult joined Lawrence and her brother Ben for some hang-out time.

July 20 - To promote their upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, the two actors spent time together at Comic Con.

August 20 - During a seriously adorable rendezvous in a Canadian park during a break from filming X-Men, the not-couple lounged in the grass, J Law's head resting on Hoult's chest while she read Mockingjay.

November 21 - After Lawrence to taped her interview with Jon Stewart for The Daily Show, she and Hoult were spotted in a limo together outside the studio. Since it was the last stop on a long Catching Fire promotional tour, no doubt Hoult came out to celebrate with her.

Last Night - Hoult joined Lawrence as her date at the Golden Globes and she gave him a big kiss after she scored the award for Best Supporting Actress. After months of speculation and misleading comments about them just being friends, this PDA has finally confirmed that they really are back on.

Between the award and getting her boyfriend back, I'm really happy for Lawrence who has spoken quite fondly of Hoult in the past saying, "My boyfriend is honestly my best friend, and hopefully I’m his best friend too. He’s my favorite person to be around and he makes me laugh harder than anybody.”

Image: NBC, jenniferlawrencedaily